London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Hard Core Bomber's Hash Runs 2019

Sat Apr 6th
The Ship at Mortlake
Phickle Fart and Smack the Oyster
The Pack: Phickle Fart, Smack the Oyster, 2AM, Airhead, Bear Behind, Bhopal, Big In Japan, Black Hole, Bonnie, Butt Plug, Call Girl, Chi Su, Contour, Daffy Dildo, Dawns Crack, Down Underwear, Freeloader, Fucked 3 Ways, Hands On, Hard Core Bomber, Invisible Matt, K4, Kenny, Knickers, Last Tango, Little Naughty, Lofty, Mad Cow, Man Magnet (M&M), Martian Matron, Mary Poppins, More On, Mouthwash, Naughty Nympho, Norma Wisdom, Not Out, Optimist, Orange Squeeze, Orangutan, Pyles, Qualified Seaman, Rambo, Reach Around, Ryde, Scooter Chick, Scrumpy, Sir Humpalot, So Fart Ana, Sparerib, Tablewhine, Unacceptable and 1 others. Total 52.