London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Houdini's Hash Runs 2014

Sat Jul 5th
Caboose and Lonely
The Pack: Caboose, Lonely, 3 Beers, Bonnie, Boy Blunder, Bulldozer, Chi Su, Chunderos (Surrey H3), CL (Cunning Lingus), Cooperman, Creeper, Fat Bastard, Funky Gibbon, Goldilocks, Hot Down South, Houdini, Houdini (R2D2), KC, Knead, Last Tango, Looberty, Martian Matron, More On, Naughty Nympho, One in The Eye, Optimist, Oral Sex, Pampers (Scarboro H3), Psycho, Ratshit, Rhino, Run 2 Eat, Rustler (MKH3), Ryde, Screwloose, Shakesbeer, Simple (Barnes), Simples, Sir Clugs, Skip, Sparerib, Speedhumper (Barnes H3), Splash, Tablewhine, Tequil-over (Surrey H3), Titanic Dickhead, Window Dressing and 19 others. Total 66.
Mon Jun 16th
The Elephant and Castle at High Street Kensington
Naughty Nympho
The Pack: Naughty Nympho, 3 Beers, Bonnie, Car Say No, Chi Su, Chilly Willy (Chile), Des Res, Dodi, Eagermount, Eric Sutherland, Funky Gibbon, Goldilocks, Hard Core Bomber, Highlander, Houdini, Houdini (R2D2), John Major, KC, Lady C, Last Tango, Legs (Oslo), Lick Storm, Martian Matron, Marxist, Mary Poppins, More On, Optimist, Orangutan, Pete the Pilot, Please Sir, Pussyfoot, Rambo, Road Kill, Ryde, Solicitor Sailor, Sparerib, Tablewhine, Tazzy Crumpet, Testiculator, Titanic Dickhead and Wacker. Total 41.