London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Self Raising's Hash Runs ALL

(to run 2525 on June 13th from Oval)
Mon Jul 10th 2017
The Ship at Borough
Woof Woof Woof
The Pack: Woof Woof Woof, Action Man, Alexandra Sobolewska, Bhopal, Black Hole, Call Girl, Chi Su, Chummy Walker, Drainoil, Freeloader, Knickers, Lofty, Mary Poppins, Not Out, Rambo, Run 2 Eat, Ryde, Self Raising, Tablewhine, Titanic Dickhead, Unacceptable and 2 others. Total 23.
Mon Aug 15th 2016
Crate Brewery at Hackney Wick
Heavy Pants (CH3)
The Pack: Heavy Pants (CH3), Big In Japan, Black Hole, Come Forth in Orange,, Contour, Digit Digester, Doner Kebab, Its Fine Bos, Last Tango, Lofty, Marxist, Mary Poppins, Mick Mac, Not Out, Optimist, Pyles, Qualified Seaman, Ryde, Self Raising, Skylark, Sparerib, Tablewhine and Titanic Dickhead. Total 24.
Mon May 23rd 2016
Boy Blunder
The Pack: Boy Blunder, 3 Beers, Beer Stalker, Big In Japan, Bonnie, Call Girl, Chi Su, Contour, Freya Velzeboer, Goldilocks, Harry Cocker, Knickers, Last Tango, Lofty, Love Deuce, Mad Cow, Masturbator (Norway), Naughty Nympho, No Condition Apply (Delhi), Not Out, Orangutan, Phil Harfield, Pope, Qualified Seaman, Rambo, Reach Around, Run 2 Eat, Self Raising, Sleek Cheeks, So Fart Ana, Sparerib and Woof Woof Woof. Total 32.
Sat Oct 4th 2014
The Sekforde Arms at Farringdon
Bonnie and Sparerib
The Pack: Bonnie, Sparerib, 2AM, 3 Beers, Bear Behind, Bhopal, Big Akula, Big In Japan, Caboose, Chi Su, Daffy Dildo, Freeloader, Ging Gang Goolie, Goldilocks, Hands On, KC, Kebab (FUKFM), Last Tango, Little Bear, Love Deuce, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, More On, Mouthwash, Naughty Nympho, Not Out, Orangutan, Pete the Pilot, Please Sir, Psychodelic, Pussyfoot, Pyles, Rambo, Reach Around, Run 2 Eat, Ryde, Screwloose, Scrumpy, Self Raising, Skylark, Tablewhine, Testiculator, Thunderthighs, Titanic Dickhead, Unacceptable, Weeny Schnitzel and Window Dressing. Total 47.
Mon Jun 9th 2014
The Grand Union at Westbourne Park
Funky Gibbon
The Pack: Funky Gibbon, 2AM, Black Hole, Chi Su, Eric Sutherland, Hard Core Bomber, Hash Cash, Impossible (Lion City sg), KC, Knickers, Lady C, Lofty, Marxist, Mary Poppins, Not Out, Optimist, Orangutan, Pete the Pilot, Pussyfoot, Reach Around, Ryde, Self Promotion (NZ), Self Raising, Skylark, SOUFFLE, Sparerib, Tablewhine and Titanic Dickhead. Total 28.
Mon Jun 2nd 2014
Crate Brewery at Hackney Wick
Heavy Pants (CH3)
The Pack: Heavy Pants (CH3), 3 Beers, Broke Vac Mounting (CH3), Car Say No, Caroline Thompson, Castrato, Chi Su, Funky Gibbon, Goldilocks, KC, King, Mary Poppins, Mike, Naughty Nympho, Not Out, Orangutan, Please Sir, Pussyfoot, Rambo, Reach Around, Red Hot Dutch, Road Kill, Ryde, Scarface, Self Raising, Skylark, Sleek Cheeks, SOUFFLE, Sparerib, Tablewhine, Testiculator, Thunderthighs, Titanic Dickhead, Unacceptable and Wacker. Total 35.
Mon May 19th 2014
The Adam and Eve at St James Park
The Pack: Bonnie, 3 Beers, Black Hole, Boggers, Born again, Butt Plug, Car Say No, Chi Su, Goldilocks, Hard Core Bomber, Impossible (Lion City sg), KC, Kenny, Knickers, Last Tango, Linford, Lofty, Marxist, Me So Horny, Mike, Mr Logic, Naughty Nympho, Not Out, Pecker, Pete the Pilot, Pussyfoot, Rambo, Reach Around, Road Kill, Ryde, Self Raising, Shaggy, Skylark, Sleek Cheeks, Sparerib, Sucker the Fucker, Tablewhine, Thunderthighs and Wacker. Total 39.
Mon May 21st 2012
Not Out
The Pack: Not Out, 2AM, Boggers, Captain Titanic, Charlatan, Cheap Shit, Chi Su, Cockney (Wisconsin), Eagermount, Eric Sutherland, Fat Bastard, Funky Gibbon, Linford, Man Pig, Me So Horny, Orangutan, Rambo, Reach Around, Road Kill, Self Raising, Sweet Potatoes (CH3), Thunderthighs, Titanic Dickhead and Wacker. Total 24.
Mon May 16th 2011
The Pack: Knickers, Action Man, Beer Banger, Black Hole, Cockney (Wisconsin), Crap Nav, Double Entry, Efes, Enos, Funky Gibbon, Hijacker, Last Tango, Lofty, Mad Cow, No Nix, Not Out, Rambo, Self Raising, Shakesbeer, Shuffle Cock, T-leaf, Trigamist, Twin Peaks (Kiwi) and Unacceptable. Total 24.
Mon May 3rd 2010
Crystal Balls
The Pack: Crystal Balls, 2AM, Beach Bum, Black Hole, Boggers, Butt Plug, Chi Su, Eric Sutherland, Ging Gang Goolie, Hannibal, Hijacker, Hot Down South, Last Tango, Lily Bum, Lily Von Stoop, Lofty, Mad Cow, Mouthwash, Not Out, Pete the Pilot, Rambo, Scrumpy, Self Raising, Testiculator, Thunderthighs and Unacceptable. Total 26.