London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Strap On's Hash Runs 2010

Sun Dec 19th
The Lord Nelson at Brentford
Billy the Fish and Ryde
The Pack: Billy the Fish, Ryde, 2AM, Bhopal, Budapest BF, Double Entry, Eagermount, Efes, Eric Sutherland, Hands On, K4, KC, Lofty, No Nix, Nutsucker, Phickle Fart, Rambo, Rowdy, Screwloose, Sparerib, Strap On, Stretch Mark (Shanghai H3), Tablewhine, TBA, Testiculator, Thunderthighs and Umlout (Wolfgang). Total 27.
Sat Oct 16th
The Foley Arms at Claygate
Butt Plug
The Pack: Butt Plug, Bangers, Bhopal, Budapest BF, Cheap Shit, Chi Su, Doner Kebab, Dunny Penny, Eric Sutherland, Gaylick, Hands On, Hannibal Leopard, Mad Cow, Pete the Pilot, Rambo, Rent Boy, Skylark, Strap On, Testiculator, Thunderthighs and Vomit. Total 21.
Mon Sep 6th
The Hope at Wandsworth Common
Eric Sutherland
The Pack: Eric Sutherland, 2AM, Budapest BF, Dozylocks, Funky Gibbon, Last Night, Last Tango, More On, Not Out, Oktoberfest Hooker, Pete the Pilot, Ryde, She comes through windows (Cairo), Skylark, SOUFFLE, Strap On, Tablewhine, The Erector and WD40. Total 19.
Mon Aug 2nd
The George and Dragon at Thames Ditton
Phickle Fart and Strap On
The Pack: Phickle Fart, Strap On, Bangers, Bhopal, Bulldozer, Butt Plug, Call Girl, Cheap Shit, Cyst Pit, Eric Sutherland, Flybynyt, Ging Gang Goolie, Knickers, Last Night, Last Tango, Not Out, Rent Boy, Rubbed Raw, Ryde, Sandy Crivisse, Skylark, SOUFFLE, Squashed Balls, Sucker the Fucker, Tablewhine and Vomit. Total 26.
Mon Jul 12th
The Abercorn Arms at Teddington
The Pack: Prince, Airhead, Bhopal, Bulldozer, Butt Plug, Cyst Pit, Dan Yamyuring, Double Entry, Dunny Penny, Efes, Eric Sutherland, Funky Gibbon, Hard On, KC, Lips on Tits, Not Out, Phickle Fart, Rambo, Rent Boy, Ryde, Screwloose, SOUFFLE, Stonker, Strap On, Sucker the Fucker, Tablewhine, Thunderthighs and Vomit. Total 28.
Mon Jun 28th
Boy Blunder
The Pack: Boy Blunder, 2AM, Anthony Hogan, Anya Bucholz, Boggers, Butt Plug, Funky Gibbon, Man Pig, Marxist, Nate Bucholz, Rambo, Sleek Cheeks, SOUFFLE, Strap On, Sucker the Fucker, Thunderthighs and 2 others. Total 18.
Mon Jun 21st
The Pack: Unacceptable, 2AM, Anya Bucholz, Born again, Budapest BF, Curly, Double Entry, Dozylocks, Eric Sutherland, Funky Gibbon, Half Pint (Melanie-PHUK), Hamilton Ida, Hard Core Bomber, Hot Down South, Jilted Jugs, Last Tango, Linford, Mad Cow, Marxist, Nate Bucholz, Pete the Pilot, Phickle Fart, Pog, Pussyfoot, Ryde, Skylark, Sleek Cheeks, Strap On, STTI, Tablewhine and Titanic Dickhead. Total 31.
Mon May 31st
The Pack: Knickers, Action Man, Bhopal, Black Hole, Boggers, Budapest BF, Butt Plug, Cheap Shit, Chi Su, Chocolate Starfish, Curly, Daffy Dildo, Dan Yamyuring, Double Entry, Eric Sutherland, Fat Bastard, Horrible, Hot and Delicious, KC, Last Tango, Little Bear, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, More On, Nice Butt, Pete the Pilot, Road Kill, Ryde, Screwloose, Sleek Cheeks, Strap On, Stretch Mark (Shanghai H3), Tablewhine, The Saint, Trigamist, Twin Peaks, Wacker, Yorky Porky and 2 others. Total 40.
Mon May 17th
The Grosvenor at Pimlico
Martian Matron and More On
The Pack: Martian Matron, More On, Anthony Hogan, Baarbie (CH3), Bang Up, Beach Bum, Boggers, Boy Blunder, Butt Plug, Called Away, Charlatan, Cheap Shit, Cockney (Wisconsin), Doggy Style (CH3), Double Entry, Eric Sutherland, Hard Core Bomber, Horrible, Hot Down South, Last Tango, Linford, Lofty, Love Wizard, Mad Cow, Marxist, Nate Bucholz, Not Out, Pete the Pilot, Rambo, Ryde, Screwloose, Skylark, Sleek Cheeks, Strap On, The Erector, Thunderthighs, Titanic Dickhead and Yorky Porky. Total 38.
Sat May 1st
The Chequers at Sevenoaks
Butt Plug
The Pack: Butt Plug, Action Man, Boggers, Cheap Shit, Drainoil, Hot Down South, Knickers, Last Tango, Pete the Pilot, Phickle Fart, Rambo, Sleek Cheeks, Strap On, Testiculator, Thunderthighs and Unacceptable. Total 16.
Sat Apr 24th
The Pack: Skylark, Action Man, Beach Bum, Bhopal, Blodsa, Boggers, Cheap Shit, Chi Su, Daffy Dildo, Dieter Von Stoop, Eric Sutherland, Hands On, Hot and Delicious, Julian Fitzell, Knickers, Last Tango, Lily Bum, Lily Von Stoop, Love Wizard, McCavity, Mick Mac, Nice and Delicious, Nice Butt, Pete the Pilot, Phickle Fart, Rambo, Ryde, Sleek Cheeks, Sparerib, Strap On, Tablewhine, Thunderthighs and Trigamist. Total 33.