London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Urine's Hash Runs ALL

(to run 2525 on June 13th from Oval)
Sat Nov 7th 2015
The Magic Garden at Battersea Park
Contour and Last Tango
The Pack: Contour, Last Tango, 3 Beers, Amy Pidwill, Bear Behind, Beau Geste, Bhopal, Boggers, Butt Plug, Caboose, Call Girl, Called Away, Car Say No, Chi Su, Claire Saunders, Freeloader, Goldilocks, Hedgehog, Houdini (R2D2), Knickers, Lay me, Lofty, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, Marxist, Miss Muffet, More On, Murphys, Naughty Nympho, Optimist, Pete the Pilot, Phickle Fart, Psychodelic, Pyles, Rambo, Reach Around, Rent Boy, Ruth Mottershead, Ryde, Screwloose, Scrumpy, Sir Humpalot, Skylark, Spongebob (CH3), Stretch, Tablewhine, Thunderthighs, Tramp on me, Urine, Whack Sabbath, Woof Woof Woof and Yorky Porky. Total 52.
Sat Jun 1st 2013
The Sun Inn at Richmond
Game and Away and Hard Core Bomber
The Pack: Game and Away, Hard Core Bomber, 2AM, Action Man, Bearded Virgin, Boggers, Born again, Bulldozer, Caboose, Charlatan, Chi Su, Christian Mvyekure, Daffy Dildo, Eric Sutherland, Fat Bastard, Groin Biter, Hands On, He Badgers, Hole in One, Hot Down South, Houdini, KC, Knickers, Last Tango, Little Bear, Lofty, Looberty, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, Marxist, More On, Orangutan, Pete the Pilot, Reach Around, Run 2 Eat, Ryde, Second Cumming, Simples, Skylark, Sleek Cheeks, Sparerib, Sthweetheart, Swing Low, Tablewhine, Thunderthighs, Tie Me Up Buttercup, Trigamist, Urine and Wrong Passage. Total 49.
Sat May 18th 2013
The Coach and Horses at Barnes Bridge
Hot Down South, Last Tango and Trigamist
The Pack: Hot Down South, Last Tango, Trigamist, Bhopal, Blood Stained Clothing, Bonnie, Born again, Boy Blunder, Car Say No, Chi Su, Cumming Dear, Cyclopath, Dave Ja Vu, Double Entry, Eagermount, Eric Sutherland, Fag End, Fat Bastard, Funky Gibbon, Game and Away, Ging Gang Goolie, Going Commando, Hands On, Hard Core Bomber, Hole in One, Hot Cheeks, In Slide Out, KC, Knead, Little Miss Muffet, Lois Lane, Mad Cow, Mary Poppins, Me So Horny, Mick Mac, Naughty Nympho, Not Out, Optimist, Orangutan, Reach Around, Run 2 Eat, Ryde, Scarface, Shakesbeer, Shuffle Cock, Skylark, Sleek Cheeks, Sparerib, Swing Low, Tablewhine, Testiculator, Urine, Wha Da Say, Wrong Passage and 4 others. Total 58.
Sat Jan 21st 2012
The Red Lion at Southall
Ryde and Tablewhine
The Pack: Ryde, Tablewhine, 2AM, Amanda Bird, Bhopal, Boggers, Bonnie, Budapest BF, Bulldozer, Car Say No, Dunny Penny, EZ Over, Freeloader, Hands On, Hot Down South, KC, Kenny, Laura Belton, Looberty, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, More On, Not Out, Pete the Pilot, Phickle Fart, Pog, Rambo, Reach Around, Rent Boy, Simples, Skylark, Sparerib, Urine and Yorky Porky. Total 34.