London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Sin Bernard's Hash Runs 2017

Sat Dec 23rd
The Artillery Arms at Colliers Wood
Sin Bernard and Sparerib
The Pack: Sin Bernard, Sparerib, Bear Behind, Bobbi Roedell, Butt Plug, Car Say No, Chi Su, Contour, Crusty Nuts, Doormat, Hands On, K4, Knickers, Last Tango, Mick Mac, Mouthwash, No Foreplay, Optimist, Orangutan, Pyles, Qualified Seaman, Ryde, Tablewhine, Thunderthighs, Unacceptable, Weeny Schnitzel, Woof Woof Woof and 3 others. Total 30.
Sat Nov 11th
The Express Tavern at Kew Bridge
The Pack: K4, Action Man, Airhead, Berthless Boatie, Bhopal, Big In Japan, Black Hole, Bush Squatter, Car Say No, Chi Su, Cliffbanger, Eagermount, Freya Hawtin, Hands On, KC, Kenny, King (Jordan), Knickers, Lofty, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, Marxist, More On, Noisy Fucker, Not Out, Optimist, Orange Squeeze, Orangutan, Qualified Seaman, Rambo, Sau Dan, Scrumpy, Sin Bernard, Sir Humpalot, Sparerib, Thunderthighs, Weeny Schnitzel, Woof Woof Woof, Yorky Porky and 2 others. Total 41.
Sat Oct 28th
The Castle at North Acton
3 Beers and Goldilocks
The Pack: 3 Beers, Goldilocks, Action Man, Bare Foot, Bhopal, Big In Japan, Blood Stained Clothing, Bobo, Chi Su, Chocolate Millipede, Chocolate Starfish, Dawns Crack, Freeloader, Freshly Spewed, Fucked 3 Ways, K4, KC, Knickers, Lofty, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, Marxist, Miss Muffet, More On, No Foreplay, Noisy Fucker, Not Out, Orangutan, Pope, Rambo, Reach Around, Road Runner, Ryde, Sau Dan, Sick Fucker, Sin Bernard, Sparerib, Tablewhine, Testiculator, Titanic Dickhead, Tom Bacon, Wander Off and Woof Woof Woof. Total 43.
Sat Oct 21st
JJ Moons at Ruislip Manor
Chi Su and Slippery Coma (Lagos)
The Pack: Chi Su, Slippery Coma (Lagos), 3 Beers, Berthless Boatie, Big In Japan, Black Hole, Freeloader, Fucked 3 Ways, Giving Head, Goldilocks, Grassy Arse, Juices Flowing, Kenny, Knickers, Lofty, Mad Cow, Marxist, Mouthwash, Not Out, Optimist, Orangutan, Parsons Nose, Pecker, Pog, Queens Barge, Rambo, Road Runner, Scrumpy, Sin Bernard, Sir Cumalot, Sparerib, Woof Woof Woof and 4 others. Total 36.