London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Tadpole's Hash Runs 2013

Sat Nov 30th
Simon The Tanner at Borough
Run 2 Eat
The Pack: Run 2 Eat, 2AM, Anne Mallot, Bulldozer, Chi Su, Cumming Dear, Eric Sutherland, Fat Bastard, Funky Gibbon, Hot Cheeks, Hot Down South, In Slide Out, Last Tango, Lofty, Looberty, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, More On, Mouthwash, Naughty Nympho, Optimist, Orangutan, Pete the Pilot, Please Sir, Pussyfoot, Reach Around, Scrumpy, Simples, Skylark, Sparerib, Tadpole, The Erector, Yorky Porky and 3 others. Total 36.
Sat Oct 12th
The Kings Head at Earls Court
Hot Down South and Wrong Passage
The Pack: Hot Down South, Wrong Passage, Alex Hulbert, Alison Wycinowski, Barmitzbah, Bhopal, Blood Stained Clothing, Boggers, Bouncer, Boy Blunder, Call Girl, Charlatan, CPSeth, Crazy Nut Cracking Pole Dancer, Cum Dancing, Dill bitch, Duchess Double Fill, Dusty Springbok, Fat Bastard, Fiddler, Freeloader, Game and Away, Going Commando, Hands On, He Badgers, Hijacker, Horrible, Houdini, Houdini (R2D2), K9P, Knead, Knickers, Lofty, Marxist, Mary Poppins, Mick Mac, Optimist, Pog, Pretty Vacant, Pussyfoot, Rambo, Reach Around, Run 2 Eat, Ryde, Sarah Frasier, Scatman & Knobbin, Simples, Sparerib, Stretch, Swiss Tony, Tablewhine, Tadpole, Thunderthighs, Waiting for Anal, Waldorf and 1 others. Total 56.