London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Tadpole's Hash Runs 2015

Sat Nov 14th
Ryde and Tablewhine
The Pack: Ryde, Tablewhine, 2AM, Action Man, Bonnie, Chi Su, Chocolate Starfish, Contour, Emma Hill, Hedgehog, Its Fine Bos, K4, KC, Knickers, Last Tango, Lofty, Martian Matron, Marxist, More On, Naughty Nympho, Not Out, Optimist, Pete the Pilot, Rambo, Screwloose, Short Cutter (Nigeria), Simples, Skylark, Tadpole, Testiculator, Thunderthighs, Tramp on me, Unacceptable and Whack Sabbath. Total 34.
Sat Apr 25th
The Viaduct at Boston Manor
Ryde and Tablewhine
The Pack: Ryde, Tablewhine, 2AM, 3 Beers, Airhead, Beau Geste, Bhopal, Boggers, Bonnie, Bulldozer, Butt Plug, Caboose, Call Girl, Chi Su, Cumming Dear, Cumming out, Doner Kebab, Dunny Penny, Eagermount, Erik Hinkman (Child), Fanny Belt (S Jacks), Fat Bastard, Freeloader, Gabriella Pepper (Child), Gobbledick, Goldilocks, Hands On, Hot and Delicious, Houdini (R2D2), In Slide Out, K4, KC, Kenny, Last Tango, Little Pair, Lofty, Looberty, Luv Machine (S Jacks), Mad Cow, Man Magnet (M&M), Marxist, Mary Poppins, McPiggy (popes wife), Miss Muffet, More 4 Less, Mr X, Murphys, Naughty Nympho, Nice and Delicious, Nice Butt, Oktoberfest Hooker, Orangutan, Orville (S. Jacks), Pete the Pilot, Phickle Fart, Pope, Pyles, Rambo, Reach Around, Rear Admiral, Rent Boy, Rev Blo Hole (US), Run 2 Eat, Scarface, Scrumpy, Simples, Sir Clugs, Skylark, Sparerib, Sword Swallower (US), Tadpole, Testiculator, Thomas Hickman (Child), Thunderthighs, Titanic Dickhead, Whack Sabbath and Yorky Porky. Total 77.
Sat Apr 11th
The Coach and Horses at Barnes Bridge
Contour and Last Tango
The Pack: Contour, Last Tango, 2AM, Bonnie, Boy Blunder, Bulldozer, Caboose, Call Girl, Cumming Dear, Cumming out, Eagermount, Emma Jones, Fat Bastard, Foreskin, Freeloader, Generator, Ging Gang Goolie, Gobbledick, In Slide Out, K4, KC, Legs (Oslo), Lofty, Lonely, Looberty, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, Mary Poppins, Naughty Nympho, Optimist, Orangutan, Pete the Pilot, Pope, Pyles, Rear Admiral, Roll Back, Run 2 Eat, Ryde, Scarface, Simples, Skylark, Smokestack, Sparerib, Stephanie Woodworth (CH3), Sthweetheart, Tablewhine, Tadpole, Testiculator, Weeny Schnitzel and 2 others. Total 51.
Sat Mar 28th
The Green Man at Putney
The Pack: Bonnie, 2AM, 3 Beers, Action Man, Beau Geste, Bulldozer, Call Girl, Car Say No, Chi Su, Crack, Crack of Dawn (CH3), Cumming Dear, Doner Kebab, Dunny Penny, Fat Bastard, Freeloader, Goldilocks, KC, Kirsty Branch, Knickers, Last Tango, Lofty, Looberty, Mary Poppins, Naughty Nympho, Norma Wisdom, Orangutan, Pete the Pilot, Phickle Fart, Pope, Pyles, Rambo, Reach Around, Rent Boy, Ryde, Simples, Skylark, Tablewhine, Tadpole, Thunderthighs and Whack Sabbath. Total 41.
Sat Mar 7th
The Bells at Staines
The Pack: Rambo, Action Man, Bhopal, Bulldozer, Caboose, Call Girl, Carpet Munchkin, Chi Su, Doner Kebab, Freeloader, K4, KC, Knickers, Last Tango, Legs (Oslo), Looberty, Mick Mac, Miss Muffet, Pete the Pilot, Pure Fantasy, Simples, Tadpole, Thunderthighs and Window Dressing. Total 24.
Sun Feb 22nd
The Antelope at Tooting Broadway
Last Tango and Skylark
The Pack: Last Tango, Skylark, 3S4D, Action Man, Bhopal, Big In Japan, Blood Stained Clothing, Bonnie, Bulldozer, Bushwacker (CH3), Call Girl, Car Say No, Carpet Munchkin, Charles Boyle, Charlotte Evriprides, Chi Su, Climbing Intact, Contour, Dipstick, Doctor Foster, Eagermount, Fat Bastard, Going Commando, Goldilocks, Goldilocks (Oxford), Hedgehog, Human Sponge (CTH3), Jailbait, Knickers, Lindsay Marsh, Little Pair, Lofty, Looberty, Mad Cow, Matthew Ferguson, Me So Horny, Mouthwash, Naughty Nympho, Norma Wisdom, Not Out, Oktoberfest Hooker, Optimist, Pete the Pilot, Pyles, Ryde, Scrumpy, Simples, Sock My Cock, Sparerib, Tablewhine, Tadpole, Testiculator and Titanic Dickhead. Total 53.
Sat Feb 14th
The Ring at Southwark
Bulldozer, Ryde and Tablewhine
The Pack: Bulldozer, Ryde, Tablewhine, 3 Beers, Action Man, Bear Behind, Bhopal, Big In Japan, Blood Stained Clothing, Butt Plug, Carpet Munchkin, Chi Su, Daffy Dildo, Eric Sutherland, Freeloader, Ging Gang Goolie, Goldilocks, Hands On, K4, Knickers, Last Tango, Legs (Oslo), Linford, Little Bear, Looberty, Love Deuce, Mary Poppins, Not Out, Nutsucker, Pecker, Pete the Pilot, Pure Fantasy, Pussyfoot, Pyles, Rambo, Screwloose, Scrumpy, Simples, Skylark, Sparerib, Tadpole, Testiculator, Thunderthighs and Yorky Porky. Total 44.