London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Sperm Addict's Hash Runs 2016

Sat Jul 30th
Its Fine Bos
The Pack: Its Fine Bos, 3 Beers, Beau Geste, Big In Japan, Black Hole, Butt Plug, Call Girl, Contour, Dusty Springbok, Freeloader, Goldilocks, He Badgers, Houdini (R2D2), KC, Kenny, Knickers, Last Tango, Lofty, Mouthwash, MS Buzby, No Foreplay, Not Out, Optimist, Pyles, Rambo, Roll Back, Ryde, Scrumpy, Sir Humpalot, Skylark, Sperm Addict, Tablewhine, Weeny Schnitzel and Woof Woof Woof. Total 34.
Mon Jun 27th
T J Duffys at Northfields
The Pack: Pope, Airhead, Beer Stalker, Big In Japan, Contour, Doner Kebab, Eagermount, K4, KC, Kenny, Knickers, Last Tango, Lofty, Mary Poppins, Not Out, Optimist, Orangutan, Rambo, Roll Back, Ryde, SOUFFLE, Sperm Addict, Tablewhine and Thunderthighs. Total 24.
Sat Apr 30th
The George at Crosshabour
Woof Woof Woof
The Pack: Woof Woof Woof, 3 Beers, Amber Mezborium, Angry Red Vagina, Bhopal, Chi Su, Chummy Walker, Contour, Galloping Hormones, Goldilocks, Ham Salami, Hands On, K4, Katherine Ward, Last Tango, Lofty, Love Deuce, Mad Cow, Masturbator (Norway), Orangutan, Please Sir, Pope, Pyles, Qualified Seaman, Rambo, Scrumpy, Sir Humpalot, Sperm Addict and Valentine Girl. Total 29.
Sat Feb 27th
The Flask at Hampstead
Sir Humpalot
The Pack: Sir Humpalot, Bear Behind, Big In Japan, Big Jaws, Blood Stained Clothing, Call Girl, Car Say No, Chi Su, Contour, Doner Kebab, Freeloader, Ging Gang Goolie, Hands On, Hedgehog, Indy Sent Exposure, Its Fine Bos, K4, Knickers, Last Tango, Little Pair, Lofty, Mad Cow, Martian Matron, Marxist, Masturbator (Norway), More On, Mouthwash, No Foreplay, Not Out, Orangutan, Pete the Pilot, Qualified Seaman, Rambo, Reach Around, Ryde, Sparerib, Sperm Addict, Tablewhine, Testiculator, Thunderthighs and Woof Woof Woof. Total 41.
Sat Jan 16th
The Eagle Ale House at Clapham Junction
Reach Around
The Pack: Reach Around, Beer Stalker, Big In Japan, Black Hole, Bonnie, Call Girl, Car Say No, Chi Su, Contour, Cumming Dear, Daffy Dildo, Eagermount, Emma Hill, Hands On, Hedgehog, In Slide Out, KC, Last Tango, Marxist, Mary Poppins, No Foreplay, Not Out, Pete the Pilot, Pyles, Qualified Seaman, Queen Viper, Rambo, Ryde, Skylark, Sperm Addict, Tablewhine, Thunderthighs, Weeny Schnitzel and Woof Woof Woof. Total 34.
Fri Jan 1st
The Grosvenor at Pimlico
Reach Around and Sperm Addict
The Pack: Reach Around, Sperm Addict, Bear Behind, Black Hole, Bonnie, Butt Plug, Call Girl, Fat Bastard, Freeloader, Fuckin' Shakespeare, Lofty, Marxist, Mick Mac, Naughty Nympho, Qualified Seaman, Skylark, So Fart Ana, Sparerib, Thunderthighs and Weeny Schnitzel. Total 20.