London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

Bobo's Hash Runs 2021

(to run 2551 on April 10th from Hanwell)
Sat Apr 10th
Ryde and Tablewhine
Shared trail with BD
The Pack: Ryde, Tablewhine, 2AM, Big In Japan, Black Hole, Bobo, Bulldozer, Caboose, Chi Su, Come Forth in Orange, Contour, Down Underwear, Fat Bastard, Freeloader, Giving Head, Juices Flowing, K4, Kenny, Knickers, Last Tango, Lofty, Lonely, Malcolm X, Martian Matron, Masterbaker (Beijing), Miss Muffet, More On, Mouthwash, Optimist, Parsons Nose, Pope, Pyles, Qualified Seaman, Rambo, Scrumpy, Simples, Sir Humpalot, Smartarse, So Fart Ana, Sparerib, Tadpole, Thunderthighs, Yorky Porky and 4 others. Total 47.
Sat Apr 3rd
Seven sisters
Fucked 3 Ways
Re-kick off hash. Easter trail
The Pack: Fucked 3 Ways, 3S4D, Big In Japan, Bobo, Brown Nose, Chi Su, Dawns Crack, Double-O, Down Underwear, Juices Flowing, Kanye, Lofty, Masterbaker (Beijing), Not Out, Parsons Nose, Pyles, Qualified Seaman, Reach Around, Scrumpy, So Fart Ana, Thunderthighs, Wander Off and 1 others. Total 23.