London Hash House Harriers running and drinking club

10 Basic Rules for a Happy Hare

  1. Try to find a Hash friendly pub, one that offers cheaper drinks or free DD's and will store our bags. If in doubt, ask.
  2. Do not use flour in the Square Mile. Try to avoid using flour on heaths, commons and large green bits. Use sawdust.
  3. Lay frequent trail marks and try to be consistent with where you put them.
  4. Always mark a change of direction in the clear line of sight not off to the side where you might not see it.
  5. Make the trail between 7 and 10k.
  6. Have a regroup.
  7. Have up to 10 checks.
  8. Make the on from the check between 70 and 100 metres from the check. Never loop the trail back close to an earlier check to avoid it being found accidentally.
  9. Have false trails and loops to occupy the FRB's so the slower people can keep up. Mark the trail FRB ad SCB if you think the trail might be too long.
  10. If including a drink stop, have it close to the end of the trail.

See also West London Hash Guide for Hares